Since 1993, the elton_léniz office has carried out a wide spectrum of requests independently, along with a varied list of associated collaborators in which there are included artists, architects and designers. This diversity and versatility in the designing capacity on different levels and topics has been developed as one of the main features of this office.

Within the projects developed there are objects and furniture, mounting of exhibitions, commercial spaces, interior design, single-family and collective dwellings, art galleries, offices and residence buildings, urban development, educational spaces and more.

The partners are architects Mirene Elton and Mauricio Léniz. They have carried out numerous presentations and conferences at the Universidad Católica de Chile, Universidad Federico Santa María, Universidad del Desarrollo, Universidad Diego Portales, London University, XV Architecture Biennal in Santiago de Chile, among others.

A constant collaborator in the elton_léniz office is photographer Natalia Vial. A considerable part of the photographic record of the office work is of her own.


We genuinely care for each and every person who collaborates in the work of elton_léniz. We believe in relationships based on respect and honesty, where everyone contributes in a practical way and feel comfortable when sharing ideas and opinions.

Mirene Elton

Architect, founding partner

Mauricio Léniz

Architect, founding partner

Camilo Villagrán

Elton léniz office architect in charge

Alex Heselaars

Elton léniz office architect in charge

Sebastián Simonetti

Elton léniz office architect in charge

María Isabel Roa

Elton léniz office administrator


Natalia Vial (photographer) Marcos Mendizábal (photographer) Katerina Jofré (light director) John Fieldhouse (architect) Nicolas Jure (architect) Francisco Cruz (architect) Felipe Giannini (architect) Nicole L’Huillier (architect) Germán Rodriguez (architect) Juan Eduardo Salinas (architect) Juan Luis Del Sante (architect) Alvaro Ramirez (architect) Francisco Cepeda (architect) Alejandra Yarur (architect) Alberto Moletto (architect) Tomás Mckay (architect) Juan Pablo Nazar (architect) Francisca García (architect) Nicolás Cabargas (architect) Pedro Correa (architect) Joaquín Riesco (architect) Cristóbal Texido (architect) Manuela Hevia (architect) Daniela Muñoz (architect) Sebastián Laclabére (architect) Juan Pablo Riesco (designer) Constanza Gaggero (designer) Antonia Moreno (designer) Jordi Casanueva (designer) Anita Abogabir (designer) Carlos Marchetti (constructor) Manuel José Ruiz (engineer) Jaime Verdugo (sanitary personnel) Peter Price (constructor) Eric Meinardus (constructor) Fernando Cortés (assistant) Edith Muñoz (cleaning staff) Julio Cifuentes (gardener) Jaime Cursach (guard)

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